Paying for this ticket entitles you to watch a full access Live Stream of The Virtual FinTech Design Summit 2020 on Tech Circus' webinar platform. The event's digital networking will begin from 9.15am EDT on July 30th 2020, with the first talk at 10.00am.
This ticket also includes exclusive access to re-watch all talks post-event (and presentations we are allowed to share). You will also have the chance to be involved in unique digital networking opportunities: meet our speakers in specialist 'Speaker Zoom Rooms', Video Networking, Breakout Sessions, after party and more! All speakers will also respond to the 'top voted' questions asked in a Q&A at the end of their talk. More detailed information about event access is underneath the ticket module on this page.

Ticket registration is now available below. Sign up for the mailing list to get event news & updates. You can check out last year's event by viewing the Tech Circus website.


If you have any issues with paying online via Tito, please get in touch directly (info@techcircus.co.uk), to arrange alternative payment. We can also create invoices for BACs payments. Invoices must be paid as quickly as possible and no tickets will be held unless payment is received.

Refund Policy

No refunds are accepted, however, you can exchange or sell on your tickets to someone else.

Once you have purchased your ticket, please enter your details into the order form. After that, you do not need to do anything else except keep an eye on the email address you used in the order form. The emails provided will receive access to the Webinar registration link in the week before the conference.

Information for ticket buyers:

Access on 30th July

You will be sent an additional email to the attendee email on your ticket, within 48 hours of the event start time. This email will contain your unique URL and access code to the live event website. This website will contain embedded software that will allow you to view the conference talks (split into morning & afternoon sessions) plus also access the Video Networking Zoom Rooms & Speaker Zoom Rooms. Please note: this access email can go into your junk folder. Please do check it!


Zoom is being used to host the Video Networking Rooms and Speaker Rooms. You will be able to participate from your browser, without the need for software - however it is advised to download Zoom client software if that is possible.

The talks will be viewed via an embedded version of Bigmarker, which does not require software to download.

If you are planning to watch the Webinar/talks on your mobile, we advise to download the Bigmarker app before the event (further information on how to access this will be sent in the next email).

Chat Rooms, Polls, Q&As

The webinar software which the talks are viewed on, has a module on the right-hand side of the interface which contains text-based chat rooms.

These chat rooms can be used to speak about the conference, talk with our recruitment sponsors, or share your social details with other attendees.

There is also a Q&A tab where you can ask speakers questions about their talk, and upvote your favourite questions. The most upvoted questions will be responded to by the speaker at the end of their talk.

We will save the chat content plus the Q&A answers and send this to all attendees after the event.

Speaker Presentations

All speaker presentations will be dropped into a tab on the right hand side of the webinar interface entitled "Handouts". You can also find these on the day of the event at techcircus.io/resources

Event Recording

The recording will be available to watch for all ticket holders within 48 hours of the events conclusion. The link to access this will be emailed to you once the video is published.

Speaker Zoom Rooms

These rooms, accessed during the designated periods on the schedule, are designed for you to have the opportunity to interact directly with other attendees and our speakers. Please act in a professional and respectful manner, but feel free to ask:

- about the key points of their talk
- any further reading etc around their subject matter
- for more insights into their career and current role
- discuss any challenges in projects you are working
- any issues you are having in your own design

They will be happy to help, but might not be able to answer everything! Speakers will have host authority to cap rooms once they deem them to be full. They will let new attendees in once space opens up - therefore please be mindful of other attendees during this period.

Video Networking Zoom Rooms

General Video Networking Zoom Rooms will be accessible from 9.15am. They will be facilitated during the morning, lunch & afternoon breaks, plus after the event. As they are using Zoom software, please make sure your camera and microphone are working with Zoom's specifications if you'd like to join.

Tips for viewing the BigMarker pop up

Make sure 'zoom' is set to 75% during the BigMarker pop up for the optimum viewing experience of both the BigMarker chat rooms and the event presentations.

If you are unable to see the Q&A tabs, or experience any technical issues, make sure to refresh the page before seeking support.

On the integrated BigMarker pop up, there are chat rooms you can digitally network in on the far right hand side of the interface.